Course "Plein Air Series. Spring."

new ONLINE COURSEby Konstantin Sterkhov

Plein Air Series. Episode 1: Spring.

Learn to paint beautiful spring landscapes and enjoy painting outdoors!


Language: English


by Konstantin Sterkhov

Plein Air Series. 

Episode 1: Spring.

Learn to paint beautiful spring landscapes and enjoy painting outdoors!


Language: English

Distinguish different characters of trees;

Transmit different lighting;

Organize a process of outdoor painting;

Apply quick solutions: simplified shapes, textures, values and limited palette.

Meet your instructor

Konstantin Sterkhov

   @sterkhovart  45k followers
  • Over 30 years of painting experience and 20 years of teaching practice
  •  70 international and 10 solo exhibitions, member of the jury for various international competitions
  • My paintings are placed in museums, private and corporate collections worldwide
  •  I am an author of the book «Masters of Watercolor» and the founder of the magazine «Planet of Watercolor»
  • Brand ambassador of the leading producers of art materials (Daniel Smith, Roubloff, Nevskaya Palette)
  • Member of Artists Union of Russia, Saint-Petersburg Watercolor Society, and Watercolor Society of Finland

Certificates of completion

Upon completion of the course for the students of Elite tariff we issue an e-certificate. The certificate could be used as a proof of your qualification's upgrade at work (if it is related to arts) and for your private affairs as a recognition of your mastery in watercolor. 

Link to this page location: #form

Minimum set:

  • watercolor paper in a block, 
  • watercolor paints, 
  • a pencil, an eraser, 
  • a knife to cut the paper and sharpen a pencil, 
  • a container for water, 
  • a set of brushes,
  • paper towel, 
  • wax crayon, 
  • a folding chair, 
  • a bottle of water

Comfort set:

  • an easel or a tripod with a shelf for paints and water, 
  • watercolor paper, 
  • a hard board to fix the paper, 
  • a paper tape to fix the paper on a board, 
  • watercolor paints, 
  • a set of brushes, 
  • a pencil, an eraser, 
  • paper towel, 
  • wax crayon, 
  • a container for water, 
  • a bottle of water