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The Negative Technique in Painting Nature

Learn to paint nature in negative technique, capturing vibrant shades, conveying the unique mood of every subject, and making bold designs under the guidance of Nadia Tognazzo

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Nature is an endless source of artistic inspiration! Capturing its bright shades, striking contrasts, and extraordinary textures is one of the most interesting, yet quite complex tasks. But with this course, you’ll learn to paint nature easily and effectively!

Together with a recognized artist Nadia Tognazzo, you will study one of the best techniques for painting nature – negative technique. You will be able to lay fast and instinctive brushstrokes, convey volume with light and shadows, and make gorgeous compositions out of separate subjects. 

During the course, you will create 3 paintings with different subjects – bindweed flowers, meadow in the mountains, and a tomato plant – in juicy colors, capturing their vital energy!

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Meet your instructor

Nadia Tognazzo

Author of the course

  • Nadia Tognazzo was born in 1959 in Milan where she lives and works. She has had a passion for painting since she was a child, but it is with the technique of watercolor that she expresses her true inner self.
  • Nadia has been a member of A.I.A. (the Italian Association of Watercolour Artists) since 1994. In addition to painting activity, she teaches courses in watercolors in Milan and in the North of Italy and, during the summer, in Dalarna, Sweden.
  • She has taken part in many exhibitions in Italy and abroad (Barcelona, Brussels, Antwerp, Mexico City, Saint Petersburg, Bilbao, Salonicco, Paris-Salon d’Automne 2006-2007, Ronneby, Stockholm, Leipzig, Aiguillon Lot et Garonne, Agèn, Salamanca, etc).
  • She was a member of the jury in the biennial international competition “Marche d’Acqua”, Fabriano Watercolour, 2021.
  • Her painting is mostly figurative but with a decisive intimist tone. Her watercolors show strong emotion expressed through the use of bold instinctive strokes. The search for a balance between emotion, visual synthesis and line is a fundamental part of her artistic expression.
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Certificate of completion (in Premium and Elite Plan)

Upon completion of the course for the students of Premium and Elite plan we issue a certificate. The certificate could be used as a proof of your qualification's upgrade at work (if it is related to arts) and for your private affairs as a recognition of your mastery in painting. 

  • Olga is a practicing artist interested in the medium of watercolor and acrylic.
  • After graduating from the St Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering she has been working as an architect in St Petersburg and has founded a school of aesthetic education for children.
  • Olga came to Sweden in 1993, she is a self employed, manages an art courses in Karlstad and all over Sweden (online).
  • Olga participated in national and international exhibitions and competitions such as IWS Fabriano Acquarello (2019, 2022), IWS Bulgaria (2019) , IWS Malajsia (2021).


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Which materials do you need for the course?

  • Paper

- 300 gr. Cold pressed paper ARCHES (or Saunders Waterford or


- 640 gr. Fabriano rough paper (or 300 gr. Rough paper)

  • Brushes
  • Color
  • Other material:

- Masking fluid

- A natural sponge to remove the color from the paper
- Paper tape
- Spray with water
- Paper towel / or another sponge / or an old clothes (to remove the
water from the brash)
- Palette for the colors
- Support for the paper (wooden or plastic support)
- Pencil and eraser

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