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Our aim is to get you to the result, so during the learning process, you are personally guided by the authors of the courses and curators. We go from simple to complex and use gamification so that you don't get bored. Success awaits everyone!

To motivate students we introduce the "Paint to Earn" program, which allows you to get bonus money for the activities and then exchange it for Artefacto learning content!

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Leading french art magazine «Pratiique des Arts» and German Watercolor Society (Deutsche Aquarell Gesellschft) says...

Our E-Book «Masters of Watercolor»

If you are new to our art school, we invite you to get our E-Book «Masters of Watercolor», that includes key nuances in watercolor from 13 world-renowned artists on 139 Pages.

The topics we cover: art supplies, painting techniques in various subjects such as landscapes, flowers, people and portraits

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Our E-Book “Masters of Watercolor”

If you are new to our art school, we invite you to get our E-Book “Masters of Watercolor”, that includes key nuances in watercolor from 13 world-renowned artists on 139 Pages. 

The topics we cover: art supplies, painting techniques in various subjects such as landscapes, flowers, people and portraits