Course "Watercolor horses"

ONLINE COURSE BY anna ivanova

Watercolor horses

From basics to advanced techniques of painting horses


Language: English

Magnificent eyes, graceful lines, powerful muscles, and shiny cover. Many artists get inspiration from the external beauty of these noble animals.

«Horses were the first thing I painted in my life. And so far they remain my greatest admiration! — says Anna Ivanova, a wonderful artist and instructor of our school. — So many different breeds, colors, and characters. Horses give me an incredible sense of freedom and intelligence. Therefore, I have been painting them for almost my entire life!»

We invite everyone who wants to become more confident in painting horses, loves watercolors, and is open to new experiences!

Module «Fundamentals» (~4 hours)

Two detailed lessons («a White horse’s head» and

«a Running red horse»), where you learn to paint a horse head in detail, a horse in static and in motion.

Module «Advanced» (~4 hours)

Two detailed lessons («a Black horse with a mane» and

«a Mare and its foal») where you apply fundamental techniques to make more complex compositions

A white horse head 
(~1.5 hours)

In this lesson we will learn:

  • some simple tips for drawing horse’s muzzle;
  • to get proportions right;
  • the basic techniques of painting a pure white horse (the Camarillo White Horse) on the white background;
  • the basic watercolor blending techniques.

A running red horse 
(~3 hours)

In this lesson we will learn:

  • the structure and anatomy of a horse’s body;
  • the way to draw the whole horse’s body without deep knowledge in the horse anatomy;
  • how to paint a horse in motion;
  • to get a bright shade of red for a horse’sskin and coat.

A black horse with a mane 
(~2 hours)

In this lesson we will learn:

  • to draw a horse’s head in profile;
  • how to blend paints in order to make black color;
  • how to paint a mane;
  • to express so bright red tint of the horse skin.

A mare and its foal 

(~2 hours)

In this lesson we will learn:

  • to paint a horse in a different position;
  • to study the anatomy of a foal for drawing and watercolor painting;
  • to make a composition of two objects.
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  • Video lessons in English from 2 camera angles
  • Each lesson approx. 2 hours
  • Access to a closed student‘s chat
  • Access to the course 45 days



  • Video lessons in English from 2 camera angles 
  • Each lesson approx. 2 hours
  • Access to a closed student‘s chat
  • Certificate of completion
  • Individual feedback from Anna Ivanova within 90 days
  • Access to the course 90 days


What will you learn from this online lesson?

1. Explore some details of horse anatomy like an eye, a nose and an ear
2. Paint them with watercolor 
3. Paint a horse head in frontal position

Meet your instructor Anna Ivanova

  • A winner at prestigious international competitions (Shanghai International Watercolour Biennial, 2012; The International Young Masters Invitational Exhibition, 2016; TWWCE, 2016)
  • Participant of various national and international exhibitions (Re-interpretation, China; World Watercolor Exhibition, Thailand; Castra, Slovenia; Fabriano in Acquarello, Italy; Masters of watercolor, Russia etc.)
  • Instructor of master classes in Europe and Asia
Link to this page location: #work
Link to this page location: #work

Which materials do you need 
for the course?

  • Paints - any high-quality artistic paints in cuvettes or tubes (e.g. Daniel Smith, Sennelier, Winsor&Newton, Schmincke, White nights etc.)
  • Brushes (Natural Chinese calligraphic (kolinsky, red wolf), Rigger Daler-Rowney (sable), Chinesse kolinski brush, Winsor& Newton, Flat goat brush)
  • Paper Cotton, 300gr, CP (Sennelier,Hahnemuhle (Sesame, Turner)
  • White plastic or ceramic palette
  • Paper towels, a jar of water