Course "Figure in ballet"



Figure in Ballet

Learn the nuances of painting human figure in ballet and enjoy your gorgeous watercolors!

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Ballet is one of the most beautiful kinds of art! Elegance, plasticity, incredible expressiveness, and grace – to see it is a great pleasure. Let’s convey our emotions from enjoying ballet scenes by painting them with watercolor!

In this course, you will be drawing and painting ballerinas under the guidance of Anna Ivanova – an experienced instructor and a professional ballet painter. Anna knows how to depict the beauty of the pose, show movement, express emotions, and portray figures in challenging lighting. She will gladly share her knowledge with you!

Together with Anna, you will create 3 spectacular paintings, learning to work with tone, mixing clean colors, and enjoying the relaxing process of watercolor painting in alla prima technique.

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Anna Ivanova

Author of the course

  • A winner at prestigious international competitions (Shanghai International Watercolour Biennial, 2012; The International Young Masters Invitational Exhibition, 2016; TWWCE, 2016)
  • Participant of various national and international exhibitions (Re-interpretation, China; World Watercolor Exhibition, Thailand; Castra, Slovenia; Fabriano in Acquarello, Italy; Masters of watercolor, Russia etc.)
  • Instructor of workshops in Europe and Asia
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Certificate of completion (in Premium Plan)

Upon completion of the course for the students of Premium plan we issue a certificate. The certificate could be used as a proof of your qualification's upgrade at work (if it is related to arts) and for your private affairs as a recognition of your mastery in painting. 

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Which materials do you need for the course?

  • Paints: QoR Raw sienna, QoR Vandyke Brown, QoR Transparent pyrrole orange, W&N Sepia, Shinhan Blue grey, Mijello Peacock blue, Mijello Ultramarine deep, Mijello Bright opera, Mijello Rose madde
  • Brushes: Natural Chinese calligraphic (kolinsky, red wolf), Rigger Daler-Rowney (sable), Chinesse kolinski brush, Winsor& Newton, Flat goat brush
  • Paper Cotton, 300gr, CP (Sennelier,Hahnemuhle (Sesame, Turner))
  • White plastic or ceramic palette
  • Paper towels, a jar of water
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