"Art is my visual language to journal experiences both unique and ordinary. There is a magical consciousness created when water meets minerals and such a joy to be a part of that. My name is Sylvie Reincke. I live on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida USA and I’m honored to share my Art with you!"


Sylvie  studies with world-renowned masters at workshops and courses

Sylvie regularly takes part in our online workshops, studies at many courses, and is an active member of "Artefacto Family" program.

		Paintings by Sylvie</p>

Paintings by Sylvie

  • Sylvie joined Artefacto on February 06th, 2023
  • She was one of the  participants of "Artefacto Family" membership program
  • In the summer of 2023, she took part in our online exhibition
  • She became one of the winners In the "Fundamentals of Watercolor" learning program category

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For purchasing Sylvie's painting you like or ordering a new one, feel free to contact her via email: sylvialisa18@gmail.com

Instagram: @Sylviereincke