Wild birds are gorgeous creatures, an integral part of nature that give artists a huge room for working with rhythm and postures, observing the finest details of a subject, and practicing drawing skills. That’s what you will do during this course!

Together with a famous Indian watercolorist Rajat Subhra, you will learn to create strong brush strokes, convey a variety of textures, achieve color balance, and plan your composition. You will see how to work with layers, saving transparency, make the color layer intense and retain white places without using masking fluid.

Join the course and make a series of 3 watercolors with birds in Rajad’s unique author’s technique!

Meet your instructor

Rajat Subhra Bandopadhyay



  • Born and raised in Steel City, Jamshedpur, Rajat developed a fascination for painting at the age of 12. He went on to pursue Arts and graduated from Govt College of Arts & Crafts, Kolkata, India in 1990.
  • Since 2011, he has participated in more than 20 group shows and had 5 solo shows. Some of his works are a privileged part in the Private Collection of hotels across India. 
  • Rajat has been the Country Leader in India for Fabriano In Acquarello since 2016. He has led many workshops, demonstrations, group and solo exhibitions and art tours around the world.
  • Watercolor is Rajat’s forte, and he likes to capture nature, landscapes, and abandoned objects through his work.
  • Rajat has a unique style characterized by strong brush strokes representing a mix of British School of art and textured watercolor and imparting a sense of freedom of spirit. He also experiments with watercolors on canvas, which has been very unique and deeply appreciated by many art lovers around the world.
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Certificate of completion (in Elite Plan)

Upon completion of the course for the students of Elite plan we issue a certificate. The certificate could be used as a proof of your qualification's upgrade at work (if it is related to arts) and for your private affairs as a recognition of your mastery in painting. 

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Which materials do you need 
for the course?

  • Paints: lemon yellow, burnt sienna, burnt umber, ultramarine blue, chrome green, sap green , crimson red, Payne’s gray, lunar black, yellow ochre
  • Brushes
  • Palette knife
  • Watercolor paper

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