Realistic cats in watercolor

Combine stunning realism and spectacular watercolor techniques and paint three expressive cat portraits with Lyubov Titova

                    LIFETIME ACCESS

When you gaze upon Lyubov Titova's cat portraits, it's hard to believe your eyes! Her feline subjects are so lifelike and realistic that they appear poised to leap off the page and purr!

Under the guidance of our instructor, you'll paint three stunning cat portraits, combining hyper-realistic details with incredible watercolor effects. You'll also explore a rare and fascinating technique involving glass and wet cloth to enhance your work.

Throughout the course, you'll learn to accurately convey the shape, volume, and anatomy of these animals. You'll master the art of mixing pure colors within a limited palette and capturing the unique features of each cat on paper.

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Lyubov Titova

Course author

  • 3 Graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute (MArchI)
  • Engaged in architectural activities
  • Member of the International Federation of Watercolorists (IFA) and Member of the International Art Foundation (IAF)
  • The early watercolor works are done in the classic technique of layered watercolor painting
  • Most of the watercolors are painted in 19th century English technique on raw paper
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Certificate of completion

Upon completion of the course for the students of Premium plan we issue a certificate. The certificate could be used as a proof of your qualification's upgrade at work (if it is related to arts) and for your private affairs as a recognition of your mastery in painting. 

  • Olga is a practicing artist specializing in drawing, watercolor, and acrylic.
  • After graduating from the St Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Olga has been working as an architect in St Petersburg and has founded a school of aesthetic education for children.
  • Olga came to Sweden in 1993, she is self-employed and manages art courses in Karlstad and all over Sweden (online).
  • Olga participated in national and international exhibitions and competitions such as IWS Fabriano Acquarello (2019, 2022), IWS Bulgaria (2019), and IWS Malaysia (2021).


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What materials do you need for the course?

  • Watercolor paper with a density of 300 gr;
  • 1 sheet of state A4 for color trial;
  • Watercolor paints in cuvettes or tubes;
  • Palette with reservoirs and flat part;
  • Work tablet with moisture resistant and smooth surface;
  • Medical gauze;
  • Masking fluid for watercolor;
  • Pencil for drawing with a softness of 2B;
  • A blotter, for brightening the pencil drawing and erasing lines;
  • White paper towels and a water container;
  • An apron and painter's tape.
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