Course "Exploring Pastels: Getting the Glow"


BY  Susan Kuznitsky

Exploring Pastels: Getting the Glow

Elevate your artwork with Susan Kuznitsky's immersive pastel painting course and learn to create luminous pieces through underpainting techniques and masterful use of color

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Immerse yourself in the captivating world of pastel painting with acclaimed artist Susan Kuznitsky as your guide. In this transformative course, you will embark on a creative journey to unlock the mesmerizing glow that brings pastel artworks to life

One of the core focuses of this course is establishing a strong underpainting – a crucial foundation for creating stunning pastel artworks. You will gain a deep understanding of this process, learning how to build layers, and harness the power of hard and soft pastels.

Each of the lessons includes slideshows that explore different concepts of color. Susan's expert guidance will help you grasp the intricacies of color theory, enabling you to utilize color harmonies, contrasts, and combinations to their full potential. Join the course and elevate your artistic expression to new heights!

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Meet your instructor

Susan Kuznitsky

  • Susan was born in Chicago, USA, and had a very traditional art education, working in charcoal, oils, and watercolors
  • She graduated from the American Academy of Art in Chicago, worked as a freelance portraitist, then she opened her own studio in Chicago where she taught workshops and classes
  • She fell in love with the Impressionists' pastels, studied this medium and started teaching adults and children its peculiarities 
  • She’s taken part in more than 50 local and international painting contests as artist and juror, winning numerous awards
  • Susan is a signature member of 6 pastel societies, including International Association of Pastel Societies and Pastel Society of America
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Certificate of completion (in Elite Plan)

Upon completion of the course for the students of Elite plan we issue a certificate. The certificate could be used as a proof of your qualification's upgrade at work (if it is related to arts) and for your private affairs as a recognition of your mastery in painting. 

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Which materials do you need for the course?

Surfaces: There are many surfaces available for pastels. You need a gritty surface that won’t buckle or curl.

Pastels: You have a minimum of 90 colors – combination of hard and soft pastels, a range of colors and values. 

For the underpaintings: Isopropyl Alcohol or Gamsol, inexpensive 1 inch wash brush.
You do not have to buy all of the following – use what you have.

Watercolors: Paynes Gray, Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Blue, Cerulean Blue, Viridian, Green, Phthalo Green Light, Rose Opera or Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow Light,Yellow Ochre, Lemon Yellow.
Acrylics or Gouache – basically the same palette as listed above.

Miscellaneous: Golden Pastel Ground, few sticks of vine charcoal,
2-inch-wide masking tape, foam core drawing board.

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