Course "Portrait painting in oil"



Portrait painting in oil

Learn the secrets behind capturing the essence of realism in your portraits. Jessica Oliveras guides you through the nuances of creating lifelike representations, ensuring your artwork speaks volumes.

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Welcome to an immersive experience in the timeless craft of oil portraiture! This course isn't just about painting, it's about seeing the world through the eyes of an artist. It's about translating the beauty of the human form onto a canvas. With Jessica's expert instruction, you will learn how to:
  • Capture the subtle nuances that give your subject character.
  • Employ layering techniques to create depth and volume.
  • Render skin with a luminosity that seems to glow from within.

Each lesson is crafted to build upon the last, ensuring that students of all levels find growth and challenge in their practice. Whether you're captivated by the rich crimson folds of a garment or the delicate skin tones that convey emotion and life, this course is your gateway to unlocking the secrets of oil portraiture.

Join us and transform your passion into a tangible reality, stroke by stroke, layer by layer, until your vision is not just seen but felt.

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Meet your instructor

Jessica Oliveras

  • With a professional artist as a father and an art book director for a mother, Jessica grew up in a small town near Barcelona “surrounded by art, artists, and art critics”.

  •  Jessica is a visual artist, educated at the University of Girona in Spain, at the Middlesex University in London (in nursing and midwifery), and self-taught in painting.

  • She explores the balance of existence and non-existence through her art, blending abstraction with figurative elements to depict themes of chaos and change.

  • Jessica creates sumptuous oil portraits laced with a classical eroticism and emotional symbolism. She is undeniably influenced by the exotic and sensual subjects, with exaggerated emotionalism and drama being abundantly present within her works. 

  • She has taken part in numerous exhibitions and is a winner and finalist of many art contests, her paintings are often chosen to decorate book and magazine covers. 

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Certificate of completion 

Upon completion of the course we issue a certificate. The certificate could be used as a proof of your qualification's upgrade at work (if it is related to arts) and for your private affairs as a recognition of your mastery in painting. 

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Which materials do you need for the course?

  • Oil palette (material and colour of choice)
  • Primmed canvas/panel
  • Pencil, rubber and one sheet of carbon paper 
  • Medium (liquin)
  • Turpentine or soap for cleaning brushes if choosing not to use solvents
  • Brushes (synthetic hair round tip brushes sizes number 0, 1, 2, 4; synthetic hair flat brushes sizes number 8, 10, 12; synthetic hair filbert brush size number 14)
  • Oil paint (brand of choice). Colours: titanium white, naples yellow, lemon yellow, cadmium yellow medium, cadmium orange, vermillion, scarlette lake, carmine, primary magenta, cobalt violete, violete (dioxazine), veridian green, french ultramarine blue, yellow ochre, venetian red, burnt sienna, burnt umber, ivory black.
  • Palette knife
  • Cotton rag / kitchen towels
  • Good lightening 
  • Painting easel or any other support for the canvas
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