What is so special about successful watercolor paintings? What makes us enjoy the artwork, study it in detail, and dream of being able to paint like the artist? 

There are many factors, but the most important ones are a striking design, a captivating composition, and a special style that can’t be passed by. In this course, we will talk about it all and learn to improvise, express our ideas, and achieve fascinating effects by simplifying subjects.

Prasad will show you how to make a design for your work, translate visual elements using watercolor techniques, and avoid overworking a painting. With his help, you’ll learn to think like an artist and find an answer to a difficult but very important question: how to turn what you see in front of you into a beautiful painting and how to choose the techniques to apply?

Meet your instructor

Prasad Beaven



  • Prasad is a practicing artist mainly interested in the medium of watercolor and ink
  • His childhood spent in the foothills of the Himalayas has made a big impression on his character and interests
  • Greatly inspired by Nature, he seeks to discover and express its many moods
  • A recent graduate of the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, Prasad was exposed to a range of art forms and cultures including Indian Miniature, Persian painting, Geometry, Icon painting, and Chinese Landscape painting
  •  This rich and diverse experience has helped instill within him a deep appreciation for traditional as well as contemporary art
  • Through this course Prasad had the opportunity to meet Prince Charles, and they discussed their shared interest in watercolor
  • Prasad also won the Ciclitira Prize, through which his works will be hung in the prestigious Saatchi Gallery
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Certificate of completion (in Elite Plan)

Upon completion of the course for the students of Elite plan we issue a certificate. The certificate could be used as a proof of your qualification's upgrade at work (if it is related to arts) and for your private affairs as a recognition of your mastery in painting. 

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Which materials do you need 
for the course?

  • Paints: Yellow(Aureolin), Blue(Cobalt, Ultramarine), Brown (Sepia), Red (Rose Madder Genuine, Alizarin Crimson), Orange (Cadmium Orange), Green (Viridian, Windsor Green Yellow Shade)
  • Brushes: flat brush, round brush, liner brush
  • Palette knife
  • Water spray
  • Watercolor paper

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