Course "Watercolor without Fear: The Art of Letting Go"


by Carsten Wieland

Watercolor without Fear: The Art of Letting Go

Discover the joy of fearless painting with Carsten Wieland, learning to let go and transform your watercolors into expressions of creativity and freedom

                         LIFETIME ACCESS

Join "Watercolor without Fear: The Art of Letting Go", a transformative course by Carsten Wieland. Discover more than painting techniques  embark on a journey to overcome fear, embrace your unique expression, and learn to see references as a launch pad for creativity. Under Carsten's guidance, let your soul steer your brush, building a deep, personal connection with your art beyond mere skill.

This course is ideal for artists aiming to boost their technique and confidence, transforming fear into creative freedom.

Embark on this journey and let your creativity soar!

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Meet your instructor Carsten Wieland

Author of the course

  • Carsten Wieland, a renowned watercolor artist, is known for his expressive rendering of landscapes and urban scenes.
  • He is a graduate of GHS Essen in graphic design and a recognized member of the international watercolor community.
  • Specializing in the combination of traditional watercolour techniques with modern forms of expression, Carsten places particular emphasis on color dynamics and light effects.
  • Carsten is a multiple award-winning participant and juror at renowned art societies, including the German Watercolor Society.
  • He is an initiator of the #DoYouSpeakWatercolor? community and head of Germany at "Fabriano In Acquarello" committed to promoting art and artists worldwide.
  • Carsten believes that art is a universal language and actively promotes the creative development of his students through workshops and courses.
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Certificate of completion (in Premium and Elite Plan)

Upon completion of the course for the students of Premium and Elite plan we issue a certificate. The certificate could be used as a proof of your qualification's upgrade at work (if it is related to arts) and for your private affairs as a recognition of your mastery in painting. 

  • Olga is a practicing artist specializing in drawing, watercolor, and acrylic.
  • After graduating from the St Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Olga has been working as an architect in St Petersburg and has founded a school of aesthetic education for children.
  • Olga came to Sweden in 1993, she is self-employed and manages art courses in Karlstad and all over Sweden (online).
  • Olga participated in national and international exhibitions and competitions such as IWS Fabriano Acquarello (2019, 2022), IWS Bulgaria (2019), and IWS Malaysia (2021).


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Which materials do you need for the course?

Watercolors: Basic colors including blue, yellow, red, as well as special colors such as ultramarine and turquoise. You can choose a manufacturer from Ukraine for special shades of pink.


  • Sketching paper: Brands such as Daler-Rowney Aquafine and Clairefontaine AquaPad.
  • Watercolor paper: Bockingford, thickness 425g/m², size 760mm x 560mm.


  • Detail brushes such as the Alvaro Castagnet Needle Point Brush #8.
  • Liner brushes and wide synthetic brushes from Da Vinci.
  • Watercolor brushes from Lineo Series 168 and traditional Chinese calligraphy brushes.
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