Exquisite details, photographic quality, and saturated colors – the painting you will create at this mini-course will leave no one indifferent

Together with Joe Dowden, you will enjoy every second of painting and make a super realistic landscape. Step-by-step, Joe will show you how to depict trees, grass, a river, and leaves. You will be amazed to see how easy it can be to create a realistic painting with Joe’s detailed explanations!

A meditative atmosphere, lots of practical tips and live hacks, a feast of nature on paper – during these lessons, you will feel watercolor and reveal all the secrets of Joe’s unique approach!

Meet your instructor

Joe Dowden

   @dowdenjoe  15,9k followers

"My workshops show you how to create a real three-dimensional place on a flat piece of paper and make it so real and beautiful that you want to be there. It puts yourself and your viewers in that place. I have used every medium, I have sold many drawings, watercolors, and oil paintings internationally. Watercolor is by far the best medium for creating a place and putting you in it."

  • A member of the expert group of the British Society of Artists (SAA).
  • An author of many books and publications, host of TV programs, various seminars and workshops around the world.
  • A participant of numerous exhibitions whose paintings are sold at the UK Art Gallery.
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PDF-Brochure "How to create rich water textures"

Here we compiled the answers to the most common questions about the world-renowned artists' realistic approaches and put them into a step-by-step guide that is very practical and easy to use.

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