Mini-course "Peonies"


 Tatsiana Harbacheuskaya


Learn the nuances of still life composition 

and paint beautiful peonies!

Start painting right after payment



Learn the nuances of still life composition 

and paint beautiful peonies!

Date of start After payment

In this mini-course you will learn to:

  • apply the principles and nuances of building a flower composition;
  • transmit the natural lighting;
  • apply the rhythm as a key to successful composition;
  • mix colors and apply the essentials of chromatics.

This mini-course is designed intermediate students in watercolor.



  • An exhibiting and teaching artist from Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Over 20 years of experience in florals, landscapes, human and pet portraits
  • More than 5 personal exhibitions and plenty of group exhibitions
  • Winner of multiple juried national and international exhibitions
  • Awards from Watercolor West in 2014, 2015, and 2016, Best in Show at NVWS Fall Show 2016, Spring Show 2017, NVWS Signature Show and Spring Show 2018, 2020, 2021.
  • Member of the Union of Artists of America (CAAA)
  • Signature member with the Watercolor West, NVWS and Western Colorado Watercolor Society.
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"Standard" tariff

  • 4 detailed lessons (duration apprx. 2h 20min)
  • Closed students' chat 
  • Access to the lessons 30 days
  • No feedback

Normal price: 40€

"Elite" tariff - SOLD OUT!

  • 4 detailed lessons (duration apprx. 2h 20min)
  • Closed students' chat
  • Access to the lessons 60 days 
  • Certificate of completion
  • Individual feedback from Tatsiana Harbacheuskaya

Normal price: 60€

  • watercolor paints (any professional)
  • watercolor paper cotton, 300 gr
  • brushes (angled synthetic brushes of different sizes (small, medium, big), if it is not available, than flat synthetic brushes), medium Chinese calligraphy brush)
  • waterproff board, slightly larger that the sheet of paper
  • pencil 6B, eraser
  • palette knife
  • paper towels, makeup sponge
  • container for water, water spray
  • disposable small plastic sauce jars (5 pieces), or it can be cream jars, or ceramic small gravy boats
  • bamboo pen or just a twig or stick