Lesson "Morning in the village"

At the lesson you will learn to:

  • use the contrast of the dark reflection and light coast; 
  • paint circles on water and long shadows on the coast;
  • create different textures (stones, sand etc.)
  • paint geese.



  •  30 years of watercolor painting experience.
  • 20 years of teaching practice.
  • Author of a series of books "Masters of Watercolor" and the founder of the magazine "Planet of Watercolor".
  •  70 international exhibitions and 10 solo exhibitions, member of the jury for various international competitions.
  • Paintings in museums, private and corporate collections worldwide.
  • Member of the Artists Union of Russia, the Saint-Petersburg Watercolor Society and Watercolor Society of Finland.
  • Brand ambassador of the leading producers of art materials (Daniel Smith, Roubloff, Nevskaya Palitra)
  • Winner of the Award by Independent Expert Group of the Hermitage State Museum at the Art Bridge watercolor Biennale in the genre of Seascape in 2005, first-degree diploma in the nomination “City scape” at the Art Bridge watercolor Biennale in 2015 and 2019.
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