"I’m married, and have two lovely grown children. My love for art started as a young girl and has never left me. I have a strong love for nature and wildlife and enjoy painting landscapes, plants, and animals.  Since I join Artefacto, I feel my paintings are getting better all the time."


Nadine studies with world-renowned masters at workshops and courses

Nadine regularly paints with our instructors at online workshops and courses and is constantly refining her artistic skills at "Artefacto Family" program.

<p>		Paintings by Nadine	</p>

Paintings by Nadine

Painting from the workshop
Painting from the workshop "Confidence in Watercolor" with Reha Sakar
  • Nadine joined Artefacto on October 19th, 2021
  • She was one of the first participants of "Artefacto Family" membership program
  • In the summer of 2022, she took part in our online exhibition
  • She became the winner in the nomination "Students who submitted paintings in all Zoom sessions of Artefacto Family"
  • Nadine also became the winner in the nomination "The most helpful classmates who gave a lot of feedbacks" (December 2022)
  • She was in the TOP-3 most active participants on the forum on “Critique Day” (November 2022)
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For purchasing Nadine's painting you like or ordering a new one, feel free to contact her via email: Creationsbynada@gmail.com

Painting by Nadine from
Painting by Nadine from "Artefacto Family" membership program with Konstantin Sterkhov