Course "Love actually..."
  • to realistically paint figures with watercolor;
  • to compose figures;
  • to connect figures with background;
  • to transmit the body gestures with outlines and tone;
  • to simplify and unite details.

Lets learn the nuances and practise painting figures with a famous watercolor artist Konstantin Sterkhov! 

The course is for those who

  • want to learn the ease of a sketching;
  • want to enrich the landscapes by figures;
  • just love sketching! 

The course is for students with medium to high level in watercolor.



  •  30 years of watercolor painting experience.
  • 20 years of teaching practice.
  • Author of a series of books "Masters of Watercolor" and the founder of the magazine "Planet of Watercolor".
  •  70 international exhibitions and 10 solo exhibitions, member of the jury for various international competitions.
  • Paintings in museums, private and corporate collections worldwide.
  • Member of the Artists Union of Russia, the Saint-Petersburg Watercolor Society and Watercolor Society of Finland.
  • Brand ambassador of the leading producers of art materials (Daniel Smith, Roubloff, Nevskaya Palitra)
  • Winner of the Award by Independent Expert Group of the Hermitage State Museum at the Art Bridge watercolor Biennale in the genre of Seascape in 2005, first-degree diploma in the nomination “City scape” at the Art Bridge watercolor Biennale in 2015 and 2019.
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"Standard" tariff

  • Introductory webinar with theory (recording)
  • 2 videolessons 
  • Closed chat of course participants
  • Access to the course  30 days

Price: 50€

"Elite" Tariff

  • Introductory webinar with theory (recording)
  • 2 videolessons
  • Closed chat of course participants
  • Access to the course 60 days
  • Individual feedback from Konstantin Sterkhov on each painting  
  • BONUS videolesson "Small talk"

Price: 100€

  • Watercolor paints: any high-quality artistic paints
  • Watercolor paper 300 g, size A3-A4
  • A flatbed or board for attaching paper, slightly larger than a sheet of paper
  • Brushes: big round pointed (squirrel or imitation) #10-12, round pointed intermediate (kolinsky or synthetic) #6-8, rigger or liner #2
  • Paper napkins or paper towel, paper tape, masking fluid, wax crayon or a candle, graphite pencil (B, 2B), eraser, plastic or ceramic palette, jar of water

Full immersion

We don’t only teach you to follow a pattern or copy a piece, we teach you to think like an artist. We show you how to see the beauty in line and form, to express the mood of the picture, to call and direct the viewer’s attention and to carry the work from an idea to painting.


The lessons of the courses are built from “simple to complex” and in each subsequent lesson you will use and combine knowledge and skills gained in the previous one. This allows you to build a solid basis and achieve independence in painting.

Video lessons

Our videolessons are recorded in 

Full HD quality from two different camera angles. You can stop it anytime and repeat as many times as you need to achieve the best results. Our learning platform is available to you 24/7. 

Shared knowledge

You will have access to a closed students' chat, where students support each other, exchange experiences, ask for advice and receive useful information.


You no longer need to spend time commuting to the art studio or adjusting to the instructor’s schedule. You can make your own schedule and go through the lessons at a comfortable pace.

Top instructors

Learn valuable methods and techniques explained by top artists. Each instructor teaches only what they do best, conveying true passion and excellence in every lesson.