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"My workshops show you how to create a real three-dimensional place, on a flat piece of paper, and make it so real and beautiful that you want to be there. It puts yourself and your viewers in that place. I have used every medium, I have sold many drawings, watercolors, and oil paintings internationally. Watercolor is by far the best medium for creating a place and putting you in it."

  • A member of the expert group of the British Society of Artists (SAA)
  • An author of many books and publications, host of TV programs, various seminars, and workshops around the world.
  • A participant of numerous exhibitions whose paintings are sold at the UK Art Gallery

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Module 1. Waterfall

Learning and applying the key techniques in realistic style

In this recorded 2-hour workshop, you will learn:

  • key techniques for painting realistic landscapes
  • key principles of a great composition
  • about materials used for realistic watercolor paintings and Joe’s recommendations on how to work with masking fluid to create extra radiance and complex water textures
  • have answers to the most common questions

And, of course, under Joe's guidance, create an amazing waterfall with rocks, and a lot of sunflecks.

Module 2. An autumn landscape

Mastering the techniques learned in Module 1 and creating an impressive autumn landscape

In this recorded 3.5-hour workshop, you will learn:

  • to mix realistic colors which distinguish your painting from others
  • to create bright light and sunshine
  • to use effective techniques for painting autumn leaves, water, and reflections
  • to find areas for improvement in your painting, to consistently get better (recorded analysis of students' works with recommendations from Joe)

Step by step, you will paint a beautiful autumn landscape, “Autumn on the lake”.

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"There are many lakes and ponds like this in England. They are referred to as ponds.This is one of many created in the ancient rural Weald of Southern England after much of the great forest was felled. They were created as Mill ponds centuries ago, in the early medieval era, before the birth of modern technology. In some places, such as the Tillingbourne Valley, battles were fought in the fields by workers for competing estates over water rights.

"Understanding what a place is about, knowing the people working in the area, and the history in a landscape, allows me to be more observant and accurate. Truth is beauty."

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